I Need to Get This Off My Chest

This post is about executions. There is some detail that may offend some.

I live in a country and a state where executions are allowed for certain crimes. In North Carolina executions are carried out by lethal injections or the gas chamber.

I am fascinated by executions, I read about them in great detail. I want to know what they ate for their last supper and what they said just before they died. I want to know how they reacted to the gas, injection, electrocution or whatever.

You would think I am a big proponent of capital punishment since I am so fascinated with it. The fact is, I would prefer that dangerous people like Charles Manson be removed permanently from society by being locked up for ever.

Death is so permanent and life is so short. Life is God given. Man is too prone to mistakes and bad judgment in my opinion to carry out such a sentence.

I do think there are crimes that deserve death. You are really a terrible person if society thinks you better off dead.

I actually knew two people who were executed.

One fellow we knew seemed like a nice enough guy. He worked with my wife at Eastern Airlines. We used to watch NFL game together on Sunday.

Over time we drifted apart. One day I picked up the Charlotte Observer and saw he had been arrested for several serial murders in South Carolina. The police called us in and we were questioned about him and listened to eerie tapes of phone conversation by him.

Larry Bell was electrocuted by the state of South Carolina a few years later. I think it was strange how he chose electrocution over lethal injection. He used to be an electrician. I read about it in great detail.

I knew a guy who was executed by terrorists in Iraq. He was the brother of one of my co-workers. I met him a few times and he was the nicest guy and fun to be around. While working in Iraq, he was kidnapped with two other civilians and held hostage for a few weeks. The deadlines passed and a video of his beheading was released on the Internet. I didn’t watch it but his brother did.

I don’t understand the relief victims get from executions, yet I would attend one if invited. Most people think that is very weird. I know it would upset me greatly to witness one.

I guess it is my great respect for life that leads me to the fascination of facing death.


Ali said...

I'm actually interested in what people have to say before they are executed as well. I think it may be because I'm wondering if thery have any remorse for what they've done.
I have to say - and I know people may think differently of me for this - but I am for execution in certain scenarios.
I don't believe it should be taken lightly, but, for instance, if someone opens fire on an elementary school leaving innocent people dead, or if some lunatic bombs a building full of people - then I think they should be put to death.
A serial killer does not kill someone as a crime of passion; they are cold and calculated and usually incredibly smart, and I don't believe they should be allowed to live themselves.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I believe the death penalty is just and fair, but the poor slobs that end up dying in this state rarely have top lawyers. Most are poor blacks and whites that didn't have a chance. Don't get me wrong, I am a conservative by most anyones measure. The reality in this State is that mostly poor, uneducated people get executed. You could argue fairly that mostly poor, uneducated people commit crimes. It is complicated and so final.

mr zig said...

As much as I would like to see people pay for their crimes in the most extreme way, (like people that open fire in an elementary school, etc) I don't think they should receive the death penalty. We are beyond "an eye for an eye" (since that was old testament) and we as people are not REALLY in a position to judge whether another human being should live or die. In no way am I saying that their crimes do not deserve such punishment, - they do - and do I have a solution? No. I too find the whole thing very interesting - much like you Reggie - but, killing another for killing another? Seems wrong to me.

Liv said...

I am not a death penalty kind of girl, but I do understand why there are proponents of such. I think I'd be the sort of person who thinks that rather than the state participating, if you killed someone I loved, I'd be happy to handle the job myself.

Thanks for this post. And thanks for reaching and giving me greater depth perception of Reggie!

TerryC said...

Wow, a heavy topic. I don't really have an opinion on it. I guess since I feel it doesn't directly affect me. But it is fascinating. I was awed by the movie "The Green Mile".

Gigi said...

I too have an issue with the Penalty system as a whole.
I was very fortunate that I was not a victim of Larry Bell;he always called me 'Blondie' & took a very keen interest in Reg & I ??? I always wonder what might have happened had Reg gone to that Super Bowl game with him;being that all of his victims where young & had long Blonde hair;thank God for watching over us because when we listened to those tapes it was like 2 totally different people on it,like a Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.He was very sick Human Being & I pray for peace & forgiveness for his soul. I hope his victims & their familys' also rest easier now.