Tinting Your Weenie

Traffic today was a nightmare. What should have been a 6 hour drive turned out to be 8 plus.

I was getting stress in the second traffic jam in South Carolina when I heard Gigi from the back seat say,” You know another good thing about tinting your weenie?”

Oh my gosh! Have we talked about tinting my weenie? Can you tint a weenie? I did have maybe a few extra beers last night…did I make some promise I don’t remember? What colors did we discuss?

Then one last time, I ran the brain filter and decided she was referring to the recently tinted windows.

“No honey, what do you like about the tinting?”

“I can stare at strangers in traffic.”

I’m glad I resolved that. Whew!


Anonymous said...

A definite episode of creative hearing! And gosh, my mind was already processing the possibilities! Hot pink came to mind first, then a patriotic theme, red and green for Christmas...

Liv said...

OMG!! S and I ran into the same traffic. I will email you some photos and video of what I did to her to pass the time. Stare at people indeed! I think you're just still scared about that penisless comment last night!

Anonymous said...

Did she really say "weenie" when she meant windows?