The Brotherhood of the Jeep

As you know, last February I bought a 1989 Red Jeep Wrangler that is uncomfortable, loud, rattles a lot, gets poor gas mileage, is drafty, hot, and I love every minute of it. It is so fun to drive.

Driving a Jeep puts you in a special brotherhood with other Jeep drivers and believe it or not, you are accepted by motorcycle riders as well, especially the Hog crowd. We’ll wave at each other, beep the horn, and lift an index finger in acknowledgement that we are a rare and cool breed of people.

Being accepted by the motorcycle crowd was a surprise to me. I guess they figure you are as hot and greasy as they are, so you are a brother.

The radio in my Jeep plays sometimes out of one speaker so it’s time to spring for a new radio.

The problem is that any audio store now is only interested in selling flip down TVs, and gigantic thumping stereo system that blast Rap.

I want a simple little system with an ipod input (still don’t have one), AM, FM, CD, and satellite ready that can blast Reggae and Classic Rock. You can get all this now with a removable faceplate for about $100. Throw in a couple of speakers at $50 each in the factory slots, and I’m maybe at $280 with installation, plus sales tax.

No one wants to bother selling me this modest little system. I am absolutely sure that if I buy the equipment, there is no way I can install it myself.

I’ve been to Circuit City twice and the guys’ wonders off when I explain what I want.

Yesterday by pal Ty, joined the Brotherhood of the Jeep by purchasing a 1998 Wrangler.

I had just sat down at my desk to eat one of those sealed bags of salmon, some saltines, and a diet Pepsi.

My phone rang and I heard Ty screaming on the other end, “YOU WANT TO GO TO LUNCH!?”

“I just started lunch at my desk”


“A bag a fish,” I said.


“Why are you screaming?” I asked.


He was elated at his new found status.

His Jeep was quite fancy compared to mine. It had unmanly luxury items like carpet and air conditioner. Still we were both thrilled to have another Jeep in the fold.


Unknown said...

Reggie check online at

They will supply you with everything you need to install a system yourself and it really is not too hard. I did it a few years back and was shocked at how easy it was.

Give them a call and just see what they can do for you for the system you want :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks. I did the search and it told me what I have already been told about the front speakers.

Important Requirements:
This is a very difficult installation.

Every installer says, "Oh man, those are hard to put in", and then they wonder away.

Unknown said...

Oh yikes that stinks then. Well I think the head unit you could do yourself though right? Maybe just need to get your audio store to do the speakers.

Or go ghetto and buy a nice boombox for the back seat!!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Well, I took your advice and called them. The big deal is I need to remove the parking brake on the drivers side and he said they have detailed instructions and a call in help line until midnight. I'll be asleep by 9:30 so that is a waste.

I bought the unit, speakers for about 2/3 of a Circuit City unit and it is better stuff.

He asked me what I listened to. I told him conservative talk radio, Reggae, and Classic Rock. I know he was thinking, "Damn, that is a weird mix."

Unknown said...

Well good! Lemme know how the rest goes. We are in the market for a new system for the 4runner. I would like it to include integration for my iPod as well as a DVD Reciever for the future little ones. But when you go to Best Buy they wanna charge sooooo much for installation and cables and kits and all this BS. It is amazing how a $300 stereo can end up costing you $500.