Its a Commitment

A Jeep is a convertible unlike any other. Most convertibles require you to look around, determine if it is a nice day, and push a button.

Other convertibles demand that you manually flip a few latches, and God forbid, lift and tuck you roof by hand in the back of the car.

A Jeep however is one step away from tent camping in the 1950’s.

The temperature should ideally be 71 degrees or warmer to take down or put up a Jeep roof. At this temperature or warmer the fabric is flexible enough to work with.

5 windows must be removed and untucked. Then they must be stored someplace other than your Jeep. Then the front of the top must be untucked and unsnapped before you can begin the process of collapsing the frame.

Being topless in a Jeep is a commitment. Hell, your windows are at home. You are 30 minutes away from getting the roof back on assuming ideal temperatures.

On Saturday I saw a 3 to 4 day window of good weather so I took off the roof. I’ve learned that scattered thunderstorms are more likely than isolated thunderstorms. Any chance of storms over 30% put me on high alert.

For today, I will enjoy the sun, blue sky, and fresh air with highs of 85.


TerryC said...

Good thing you're not "commitment-phobic".

Chad Lingafelt said...

I understand this! I leave the doors off and top down 90% of the time. I've only hit 2 storms so far! Good luck!