Skeeter Legs

The place we camp here is loaded with mosquitoes. It is a fact of life and we deal with it.

I have been bitten several times already, mostly on my back through my shirt. Both times that I was bitten occurred in the morning while taking to dogs out to potty.

Once the dogs get their smell on, you can’t make them budge, so you are big time skeeter bait until they finish sniffing.

What I am trying to avoid is the mother of all mosquito bites…the ankle bite. For some reason an ankle bite itches more than anywhere else. I will scratch an ankle bite until it scabs and don’t care while I’m doing it. The scratching feels so darn good.

Yes, I’m vain. I don’t want scabby ankles, but odds are I’ll walk away from this place with skeeter legs.


Anonymous said...

My advice: Ultrathon bug repellent. It's the best. You might die from absorbing all that deet into your skin, but at least your ankles won't itch. That stuff WORKS!

Logzie said...

I agree, the ankles are the worst!

Ali said...

Ankles and feet are the absolute worst! I seem to get them on my toes when I'm wearing flip-flops.
But giving a good scratch to one of those bites is almost orgasmic, who cares if it scabs?

Reggie Hunnicutt said... the time you throw caution to the wind and go for it.

krista said...

Ricky is always yelling at me "DON'T SCRATCH! DON'T SCRATCH!". Then has to chase me down (while I'm still scratching and running/limping) and make me stop! I LOVE scratching.