Multiple Sr. Moments

Today was the day, mark it down. Today I started doing old man stuff.

Twice, I caught myself going down the highway with my turn signal on. No telling how long it had been on.

I tried to comfort myself by saying that I was in an open vehicle with music blaring.

Then at lunch I crashed my fork into my bottom teeth. This has never happened.

Soon I’ll be looking for white stuff in the corner of my mouth.

What the heck.


Anonymous said...

Cripes Reg, is those mean you are getting old I was old 8 years ago!!!

Wait, maybe there is a difference betwen old and stupid and I am on the fence for the stupid!

Chris said...

If I would have seen you on the highway with your turn signal on, I just would have laughed...
I think it's so funny when people go for miles without seeing or hearing that annoying little ""

P.S. When you see the white stuff at the corner of your mouth, it'll be official. Until then, it's just hilarious!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

For some reason the turn signal is silent.

The sun was bright, the roof was off, the stereo was on, trucks were passing, the wind was rushing, yet my stupid old butt let it blink and blink.

Stacy said...

Today I drove 12 miles to deliver a project to a client only to realize when I pulled into the parking lot that I had left it on the counter at my house.