15 Things...

I’m not a big fan of free refills. I consider having to pee and inconvenience.

I am suspicious of people that don’t drink coffee or at least a caffeinated drink first thing in the morning.

I absolutely hate waiting in a line of any kind. I have left groceries in the basket before rather than wait in line to pay. I avoid going to banks and gas stations that are crowded.

I do not like self serve check out. Something always goes wrong and guess what? I have to wait for someone to come and scan a card to get it running again. I should get a discount if that make me work too.

I don’t like drive thru anything…except the drug store. I don’t like to stand around with sick people. You can’t see what is going on in a drive through. I like to see people running around and working so I can mentally critique their efforts.

I love the way an ice cold Diet Pepsi burns your throat when you take that first big swallow. It makes your eyes water.

I love the earthy stink of low tide along the coast of NC, SC, and GA.

I love the smell of treated wood, especially old telephone poles and piers.

I used to love waiting tables, tending bar, or cooking in a busy restaurant. There is an art to efficient motion and good service. I wonder if I could still do it.

I love to snorkel and wish I had the option of doing it daily.

I love most any kind of stinky cheese. If it stinks, lay it on me.

I really want an Ipod but I am too cheap to buy one. However, I would gladly spend the same amount or more on a good meal with a friend.

I love the smell of Jekyll Island campground. It has a peppery smell for some reason. I could smell it yesterday as I cleaned and stored my camping equipment.

I love football theme music like Monday Night Football, Sunday Night football, etc.

I really want a flat panel TV but I am too lazy to make all the purchase decisions. I would gladly pay someone to have it all set up one day while I am at work and haul off the old TV. I’m going to Tweeter Monday and see if they’ll do that as long as I don’t have to wait in line.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on a number of those things, especially waiting in line. That is probably one of the things I hate most in the world. I too have left groceries behind (sometimes even after 30 minutes or so of shopping) just to avoid the line. And what really gets to me is the person still writing checks like it is 1987 in that same line. At least fill in who the check is going to be to, the date, and sign your name while you're waiting for them to ring things in. Jeesh!!!

I am surprised flip flops or bare feet did not make this list. If it were not for work I wouldn't own any pairs of shoes and the only time I'd put my sandals on would be to leave the house (since most stores require footwear)

Liv said...

Wow. that one makes me just want to take it item by item...proud of you working in the smell of low tide. promise kept.

I'm with you on most of these things, and am willing to travel in order to test out the "would buy dinner for a friend at the cost of an iPod" theory. Are we talking Nano, 30G, 60G? 'cause girlfriend can put away some food. Let's just make sure that wherever we go there's a cheese course.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Our bar tab was more than a Shuffle.

Liv said...

Damn it! Put me on a payment plan. Little sister was supposed to be buying our drinks!
*and of course goes to show you that liv drinks whatever bourbon comes her way regardless of where it comes from. :)

Liv said...

do you take paypal?

Ali said...

I agree with so many of those things.

I have been known to pitch a fit in the middle of a long line and throw my stuff on the floor and stomp out - leaving my husband staring after me.

Self serve checkouts are ridiculous - I loathe them. Things never go smoothly.

If you ever move somewhere that you can snorkel every day I'll be visiting MUCH longer than a week!

I really want a flat panel tv too, but my wallet is too lazy to magically produce money for me to buy one.

Anonymous said...

I do not mind the self serve checkouts as long as I am not buying alcohol. Cuz as soon as you do the yellow light flashes and you have to wait for help. Let's invent a self checkout that scans your driver's license so you don't need that!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Susan offered to pay Liv. It was Makers and Diet Coke, right?

Ali, wouldn't it be great to have the snorkle option any time? We can snorkle here in the summer, but you can't see anything in murky water, and if you could, every fish is brown or gray.

Anonymous said...

Reg, if you all ever wanna come down to a little west of Jacksonville we can go camping at one of the many springs they have near Gainesville. Lot's of snorkeling there cuz the spring are crystal clear.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

All of my snorkel stuff is down in St Croix awaiting my September arrival. Is there anything to see in these springs?