I’m glad all my work clothes still fit this morning. In fact, I may have dropped a pound or two from vacation activity.

I was expecting my feet to scream too when I put on real shoes and socks this morning.

As I reflect on my “time off”, I can’t help but think about all the children I was exposed to over the last ten days.

Kids are kids and that is fun to me. But parents are so different in child rearing.

I must have stood in line behind countless mothers and fathers as they asked their 3 or 4 year old if they wanted item A, or item B. For goodness sakes people, its little child, make the decision for him or her please. The decision process is agonizing for me and the child. Buy them some McWhatevers and move on.

I ran into too many sissy acting fathers to. Good for them that they are taking an active role in raising their child but please avoid acting feminine when you are interacting with a child. Be a man, talk like a man, and act as a male role model. I heard too many wispy, girly voices coming out of the mouths of grown men. I wanted to do a back flip.

Keep in mind that I am ultra silly around kids, and I am not a father, and most likely not the best role model for kids.

With that said, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

Dealing with little ones is harder than it looks. You don't know what or how you would do it until you have had to do it.

Unknown said...

I know I'll soon be finding out!

MELackey said...

with a 3 or 4 year old, it's actually good to give them a choice. You don't give them unlimited choice, but you do give them a choice between 2 items that you choose for them to select from. That supposedly helps them with decision making skills as they get older.

BUT, fast food places aren't incredibly diverse. The choice is generally a hamburger or chicken nuggets. We always ask as we are entering the parking lot so the decision is made before we ever get inside.

Logzie said...

I agree with melackey. We do the same thing. Besides, with most kids if you choose for many have a "fit" on your hands and that's no fun for anyone in the vicinity. HA!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh crap...I knew this post would get me in trouble.

I do have first hand experience...I was a kid once.

I notice everyone is addressing about strong male role models?

Anonymous said...

I imagine the fathers are trying to be "gentle" in dealing with their kids and maybe forcing themselves not to be harsh. Just guessing. It is kind of like when people talk all different to their pets. Also like "baby talk" to babies. It just comes out that way.

MessyJessy said...


You are not alone. It gets on my nerves when a "loud" parent holds up the line to ask their kid what they want to eat and then beams proudly back looking for my approval (or fishing for that compliment) like the lil tyke just won the Nobel Peace prize after deciding on chicken fingers.

I am usually ravenous when waiting my turn in line and it bugs the crap out of me that lil Johnny has to decide chicken or burger, fries or apples, milk or juice, Aaaaaarrggghhh!!!
My parents never gave me a choice, I turned out fine. I ate what they gave me and I appreciated it. Most of the time the kid doesn't care as long as they get a toy to play with or a crayon to eat.

[getting off my soap box]

I do not have children yet. When I do, I will probably be the person I described above. Till then, order for your kids.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

How about strong male role models? Where are they? Sports, Politics?Are they just a figment of somebody's imagination? I think you're probably a great role model because you're real and you're a good guy. Real, "good guy" people are the best role models, male or female. There's too much phoniness and pretense out there, people trying to be someone they're not. Makes for screwed up kids. Just take a look at america today. UGH!!

ellie bee said...

all I can say is thank god we are past the happy meal stage. and yes, giving choices is good, but not in every situation. there is great value in occasionally having to just deal with what you get--especially if you are the kid. I like the make a decision BEFORE you get in line logic--it worked for me!

James said...

Reggie, I am with you on both points. But especially on the pansy-acting fathers.

Logzie said...

I THOUGHT I would be a "certain" way before I had kids too...

To those of you without children of your own...It's not as easy as it looks!

And yes, deciding BEFORE the line is best.