I'm Grouchy Today

It makes me mad when I see a sign on an interstate highway announcing a McDonald’s at the next exit. I pull off for a happy meal and the sign says, “McDonalds 3 Miles”. 3 Miles is too damn far to claim you from the highway. If it’s not in sight, then they shouldn’t post the sign.

It makes me mad when I ask someone to repeat a statement and they only repeat select words. Think I will understand what you said better with an incomplete sentence?

It makes me mad when a company tells you that they have a certain policy about something and there is nothing that they can do. I want to tell them I have a policy of coming over to them with a baseball bat to the head and there is nothing I can do.

I makes me mad when I go to a restaurant and they tell you it will be an hour before you can be seated and they take pleasure in that fact. They are trying to discourage you by exaggerating the wait. I tell them I’ll wait and take the first available. 15 Minutes later they call you and stick you in the smoking section…never in the non-smoking as punishment for waiting.


Liv said...

You are so funny when you're grumpy. I totally agree about this fast food proximity crap. Just toodle on down to ATL and we'll very fashionably eat at the bar of a fine establishment I know of while the rest of the idiots wait for days...

TerryC said...

Maybe it's the full moon, but I'm feeling off today, too.
Glad I'm not alone!