What I Did Today

Off with the old.

On with the new.

I decided last week to resume my Jeep beautification project, and ordered some more stuff for Timmy the Beast.

Friday, some of the stuff arrived at my office after I had already made the 18 mile trek back home.

I decided that I would drive in this morning in the Jeep, have some breakfast at Jimmy’s, then pick up the Jeep parts at the office.

It was cool for this time of year, a huge break from the past few days in the high 90’s. I opened up the Jeep by taking off windows and such to get the full effect.

Gigi road in with me, complaining all the way about it being cold and her hair was going to get greasy blowing in the wind.

It was a partial order. The main thing in the box this time was a new roll bar cover.

The instructions required that I take the top down to begin. Believe it or not, I have never taken the top off my Jeep. It looked so cool all naked and bare.

Cedie getting ready for her Jeep ride.


Unknown said...

LOVE your Jeep Reg. We definitely will need to visit and go for a ride sometime. We want a Jeep one day (far in the future) as well. It is just the perfect cruising vehicle.

Did you recover the seats? I cannot remember. They look perfect.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

So far, new seats front and back, new steering wheel, new seat belts, new rear view mirror, new cigarette lighter, new center console, two new "ah shit" straps, two new sunvisors, a new 1 7/8 ball on the bumper, 4 new wheels and bag manly tires, new radio and speakers to be delivered, new roll bar cover, a few parts under the hood, and the inside sprayed with red tailgate liner "herculiner", new shifter displays, and several cosmetic do-dads that I can't remember.

The seats, spay job, wheels and tires were the most costly but made it look great.

I spend money on it a few hundred dollars at a time. Most of the stuff you can order online and it just bolts on.

An overhead sound bar is in the future along with side mirrors for when the door are off.

We love it. Gigi, Duke, Cedie and I went for a cruise this morning. t felt like Napa Valley outside.