A Lucky Man I Am

It’s raining here, but have no fear, I am having fun.

Our RV has this big picture window in the back with two reclining chairs. I’m sitting here on the computer watching the Fine Living network and sipping a glass of Red Truck Wine.

There is a guy behind me setting up and I saw him looking at me all comfy and cozy. Sorry mister.

If you ever want an inexpensive red wine with good depth, then give Red Truck a try. It is a blended wine with several great grape varietals blended with some grapes you never see on their own like Grenache, and the rarely stand alone grape Cabernet Franc.

Changing gears here, I overheard a conversation yesterday about how much my brother in law and my cousin in law are enjoying retirement. Both are in their 50’s, and both still work nearly full time.

They now do more of what they want to do, and they now control their schedule.

I thought about this and realized that according to their definition, I have been retired for about 15 years. Yes I still work and I absolutely love what I do. Plus, I have almost complete control of my schedule.

It is a shame that so many people work in fields or jobs that they hate.

I am a lucky man. I have no intention of quitting work, ever. I guess I would reach an age when someone may not want to do business with an 80 year old. I should be so lucky to live so long.


Anonymous said...

We enjoy "Red Truck" ,too. LAst night we had a picnic dinner on the beach at Divi. We shared our first bottle of wine in a long time. It was bad (as in spoiled - it had started leaking through the cork). Fortunately, we had a (mediocre)back-up. Oh well, tonight is wine club at the Deep End. I'm sure we'll have better luck there.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I had a bad bottle of wine last week in Dallas. Fortunately I was in a restaurant and sent it back for a good bottle. The cork was bad and it smelled burnt.

Anonymous said...

Send us some rain. Two weeks ago we had the cistern drained, cleaned and recoated. Then we ordered a truckload of water (it was a silver truck), which is going fast and it's stopped raining! We haven't had rain since last week, so we may have to get another truckload of water...noooo!