New Phrase Day

The new phrase for today is imbecilic dispersion.

This occurs when family members all make a plan, then fail to implement the plan that was just discussed moments earlier. Instead the members just disperse in opposite directions failing at the onset.

This has happened to us many times this week.


Anonymous said...

I love that phrase!! Unfortunately, when we go on vacation and people start acting like imbeciles, they usually stick around. What can we call that? Imbecilic immersion?

Michael said...

We both like that one. It's kinda like the Disnified Family Vacation version of "cluster &%$#". We may have to borrow it on future vacations. Some of our past favorites are: "Spizzarinctum!", "I can't take you anywhere without me.", and the ever popular, "We're on our honeymoon" (while traveling as a party of three ;)

krista said...

ahhhh...the beauty of family! You have to love them!