Sad News My Friends…

Haley jumped into the bed this morning at 4:46 AM and promptly sat on Gigi’s chest. I giggled and she sat on my chest.

“You think she’s gotta go pee?” I asked.

“Ya reckon?” said Gigi.

I staggered down the hall and let them all out to dump their night water.

They all came back in and insisted that I not go back to bed. Frankly, they were about as welcome as a boil on my butt. I’d turn one way and there was Haley. I’d turn another way and there was Cedie. They were constantly under my feet.

Finally I made a move to avoid Cedie when I heard a pop. Oh no! I broke the thong of my most favorite and coveted Sperry flip flops.

These shoes have been my traveling companions to many vacation destinations. I know they have been to St Croix at least 3 times.

On a lighter note….if you leave a jeep open all of the time expect a bird to crap in it. Thank goodness it was the passenger side.

I fired up the test kitchen this morning. While Terry and Michael test mango recipes I am trying to create the perfect hotdog chili.

Only two places on the planet have the perfect hotdog chili. One is/was Amos N Andy in Durham, NC. This was the hotdog chili of my childhood. The other is Greens hotdogs in Charlotte.

This morning a followed a meaty recipe that requires the chili to sit in the croc pot all day. I hope it turns out the way I want it to taste.

Hey Michael, can’t you figure a way to run some of that mango juice in your Rover? That is one huge mango tree you have.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't do that. The first thing that jumps out after reading "Sad news..." is the picture of one of the dogs! And then I find out it's just one of your shoes that died, and the dogs are fine. Whew!

TerryC said...

I agree with Terri. When Michael started reading and saw "Sad news..." we were expecting the worst.