Anatomy of a Weekend

Sunday is a big turnaround day. The morning is full of optimism. You are in fact still in full swing of the weekend.

I need to go to church but won’t. I will cut more grass at least a few hours in the pasture.

Ah, to gloat over Carolinas win over Jacksonville last night. Then there is the PGA Championship this afternoon on HDTV.

However there is the undeniable fact that he sand is about to run out of the hourglass. The weekend will soon be over. Tomorrow will be Monday and back to the salt mines, the traffic, and the decisions that come with work.

How did I squander away another Friday night and Saturday?

It’s like when you take a week vacation and Friday rolls around. Shit! I gotta pack and go home!

Did I do everything I wanted to do? I quickly go over a mental calendar for next week.

“Don’t panic”, I tell myself. I have a home game against Miami Thursday night and the big room mate golf challenge Friday.

Oh wait! It’s still Sunday morning and it’s not even light yet. I’m going for a cup of coffee and enjoy.