Oh The Pain!

I opened the kitchen cabinet to get a coffee mug to take to Gigi. I have given her coffee in bed for as long as we have been married.

The door of the cabinet opens to the wall where we have a wall phone. I opened it too far and knew in my mind what was bout to happen but my body couldn’t react fast enough. Heck I could react at all.

The hard plastic receiver fell from the phone. Now time goes in slow motion. My brain is screaming nooooooooooo as the hard brittle object careens toward my bare meatless toes.

Sure enough the plastic receiver finds the optimum impact point to maximize the pain.

As always there is a slight delay but clear knowledge that a big burst of pain is coming.

Now back to real time and motion.

Oh the pain! I’m hopping around and screaming. I know the pain will pass in a minute or so. The dogs bark and Gigi wakes to ask what is going on.

Why so much pain? I never break anything and my toes feel fine now.


Ali said...

I know the pain you're going through, when I hurt something I usually manage to hit the same spot about 4 more times that day.
Right now I have a large bruise on my upper left thigh; at work I have to walk past this table everytime I get up from my desk and since I started this job I've run into it almost everyday.
So now I have a perma-bruise, it hurts and it's not pretty!
Take extra care of those toes today, you're bound to drop something else on them.

Alyssa said...

I feel your pain also, especially the toe-pain. I stub my toe (usually the little one) about 3 times daily. You never get used to it.(Although the screaming becomes commonplace and fails to get a reaction after a while)

Shannon said...

So, the phone is ok? :) Yeah toe damage is extremely painful!