Unexpected Visit

I jumped in the truck this morning, turned on Bloomberg Radio, and popped a sugar free piece of gum in my mouth.

Suddenly I was chewing gravel. A tooth blew out. It just cracked to pieces.

The dentist said it was a 6 year old molar so it’s been working fine for 44 years. It had a filling in it that I’ll bet was 43 years old. So I have been chewing away just fine for all that time.

The tooth now had to be crowned quickly before I was seen in public with that West Virginia look.

The dentist fit me in and two hours later and had a temporary in and I was talking like Dick Clark.

The darn thing is killing me now but I look better.

Have you ever noticed when they match the tooth color the color they decide on looks all yellow and old? I thought my teeth were snow white! I didn’t know they had a color called walrus tusk.

Check out this nice case of wine I bought at lunch. I took it inside because it’s so hot outside.


mr zig said...

mmm wine... I could use one of those bottles right about now - so what if i'm at work!

Anonymous said...

Hey what kind of wine? Is it CA?
So funny also Hank just blew out his tooth ! the front one snapped off at the gum line! same deal , what is it a 50 something happening? LOL!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Heck yeah its California wine, the California state grape, zinfandel. I love red zin. It is so jammy!