The Brain

My brain woke me up very early his morning. Something was amiss.

I went over a quick mental checklist.

Did a noise wake me? No.

Am I cold? No.

Am I hot? No.

Body functions? Bells and whistles go off.

Thanks God for a brain that watches over you while you are blissfully sleeping. Otherwise…oh whatever, you get the idea.

Then I get back in bed and my brain says, “Whatcha doing?”

“I’m trying to go back to sleep inner Reggie. It’s 4:00 AM”, I told my brain.

“Don’t you want some good hot coffee and read news and email? After all I just saved you from certain embarrassment”, brain said.

“Okay, I’ll feed you some coffee brain.”

As soon as Haley knows I up then she tears in the kitchen to go out and do her business. She still has puppy bladder but is getting very good at holding for long periods of time.

I made the coffee and Haley scratches at the back door to come in.

Haley hurries into the living room and I hear a cartoonish monkey noise screaming. I was a stuffed monkey toy Gigi bought Haley yesterday and apparently her doggy brain had been thinking about this all night. She started at it where she left off last night.

Meanwhile Gigi’s brain wakes her up and she goes over a mental checklist.

Did a noise wake me? Yes. A Monkey. Hmm, this requires more brain function so I must wake up Gigi to investigate the monkey noise.

“Reggie, are you awake?”

Now the whole household is up and running at 4:30 AM.

Thank you Mr. Brain, I guess.