Gigi's Dreams

Gigi is a real jewel.

She often talks in her sleep. I listen to hear if I can pick up some dirt on her. She has clean dreams though. At least the ones I hear.

I love to hear the one she has with her mother. She is such a smart ass to her mother in her dreams.

Sometimes Gigi will take a swing at someone or even kick. Usually she is attacking me. She would never do this in real life.

Last night Gigi said I was screaming for Ty. I must have found his ball in the rough because I was dreaming a lot about golf.


One Neighbor said...

Believe it or not, we rednecks from WV know how to use a computer and even spell!! Wow, Reggie! I sure have gained a lot of insight of you as a person by reading some of your blog. I hesitate to post, (Whoever corrects a mocker invites insult;…Pr 9:7), but hey, I don’t think our family could be insulted much more than we already have been. I won’t begin to address all of your comments and accusations, because it isn’t worth that much of my time. But I feel the need to set a few things straight. I don’t know why, because I honestly couldn’t care less what you or your wife think, but I guess it’s just human nature to desire the truth to be told when someone is lying. If you had ever bothered to ask about your dog being in our house, instead of making assumptions, you may have saved yourself a lot of the time and energy it takes to be so indignant and wrathful. You see your dog has, THREE TIMES, chased my dog into OUR HOUSE, biting at him, growling and running wildly throughout our house. The day that your sitter lost your dog, she (the dog) had been in our yard for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Cliff was on the porch talking on the phone. When he opened the door to come in, your dog charged in behind mine. What gets me is that even though your dog was baring teeth and growling at ours, we were very gentle and nice to her. We had to pick up our dog to get your dog off of him and your dog snapped at Kayla. But we didn’t get angry at the dog; we just wanted it out of our house. Cliff led it to the door and when he opened the door and put the dog out, there came your sitter into our yard, absolutely telling him off. We were so put off by how hateful and accusing she was, that we didn’t bother to explain. However, when she came back later, I did tell her what happened. I don’t know if she shared that with you and you then decided to make up your own version of what happened while you weren’t here, or maybe she didn’t tell you the whole story. Also, our kids did not tp your yard at any time. The only person home when that happened was our 20 year old, and she called us at the beach and told us about it. I made the comment then that I was sure we would get the blame. I don’t know if you were home the weekend ours was done, but it was rolled by a bunch of 11 year olds having a sleepover. We were amused and got a laugh out of it. They were happy to come and clean it up themselves. When you get along well with your neighbors, things such as these just aren’t a big deal. I can’t believe, with all of the neighbors that you have called the police on and taken to court, that you would be so sure it was our family who would play a prank. If we wanted revenge on someone, I can assure you that rolling a yard wouldn’t be it. But I am not into getting revenge, or getting on your level at all. I am simply too busy and too happy to bother with all of your nonsense. I truly care about seeking God’s will in my life and sharing him with others. After all you and your wife have done to us, I still went down the street after your horses when they got out, and brought them home. I don’t know where your paranoia comes from. Just like the day my son was at the end of the driveway talking to a friend and kicking gravel around, GiGi called and said that he was throwing rocks at your house, even though she herself admitted that no rocks had even touched your grass. Your blog makes you and your wife sound so fun and nice. Others around here have a totally different picture of you. My little girl will never forget the day she and her little friend were riding bicycles off the hill of your driveway. She thought that Miss GiGi was her friend and that it would be okay, until GiGi open the front door and screamed “you kids get off of my property!” I could tell of at least 30 similar incidents. It really is sad. People around here have thought that GiGi is just lonely and has a problem with paranoia, but after reading your blog, and your take on things, it’s really kind of scary. I guess people can live in their own world, unaware of so much. You put on a totally different face when I used to be around you, all about being involved in church. I don’t mean to sound judgmental, but the Word does say that we are to hold our brothers in Christ accountable. Do you think that anything you write in your blog would be pleasing to God? I’ve never read anything so narcissistic in my life! It is hard for me to believe that someone could be so vain. Yes, my husband is a redneck, a true boy of the south. I am very proud of the man that he is. Honest, hardworking, loving, giving, and the best father and husband on this planet. I find it so interesting that you have never been able to say ONE WORD to him, except for NICE things, and then you trash him so badly behind his back. It is so junior-highish. I know you are very proud of your career, and all that you have. It’s just hard to believe that a grown man, who is a professional in business, could act the way you do. I’m sure that your friends and clients see a totally different you than your neighbors do. Just so you know, the deputies that you keep calling out here express their sympathy that we have neighbors like you every time they come. Do you really think that they could be summoned so many times for such petty things and not see the truth? The entire neighborhood is aware of how long your phone log at the Sheriff’s department is. Don’t worry, Reggie. Even with all of the terrible things that you said about Cliff, I won’t comment on your demeanor or your looks. See you in court. Kathi

Of course I'm sure you won't post this comment, will you?

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, let me make it clear to all of the readers of this page: I am paid to take care of animals. I was in the Hunnicutt home to provide a service.

With that said, I think that it is fair for me to give my side of this story.

The night that I was so rude and insulting to the neighbors, I knew nothing of any neighborhood fued. I am from Kentucky. Some time in the past century we learned a valuable lesson from the Hatfields and McCoys. Such behavior is silly! And often leads to serious problems that give the area a bad reputation.

What I saw was a grown man standing in his front lawn having a good laugh, at my expense. I had been out calling an animal I was being paid to watch for 45 minutes. I don't know what Haley was doing that entire period of time. Had I known where she was, I wouldn't have been looking for her!

Now, from my point of view, a good neighbor might have said, and don't be shocked, here's the dog. Or maybe even, hey did you lose something. You could have even said, your not very good at this, we are taking care of the animal since you don't seem capable. I would have taken the criticism!

I know that seems like a huge favor to ask of the good, God fearing, lady who made some not so nice comments about me, but it would have make an amazing impression!

You can be mean to me, but don't scare me to death. I would have appreciated a helping hand, even if it was mean spirited!

Up until that point I hadn't seen any problems in the neighborhood. No one bothered me or any of my things. I felt totally safe to be alone and outside at any time of the day or night. That is all I ask of my neighbors.

Was I upset? Well, I had lost a pet. For most people they are like a member of their family.

When I found the pet a grown man was standing on his front lawn laughing at the fact that I was terrified! And by the way, his dogs were outside. I remember this clearly because he also thought it was hilarious that they were chasing after Haley and barking and running circles around me.

Guess it was okay that I was brave enough to not be afraid of strange dogs, but not okay that I was brave enough to defend myself.

Was it a funny scene? Probably. Was I pissed? You better believe it!!! The only question he had for me once he got the laughing under control was, "are you kin to Reggie?"

The bottom line is that it didn't seem to me that you had any problems with ANYONE other than ME!!! I had been at this home for just about 5 hours. If I had done anything to upset you in that amount of time, well it was certainly unintentional.

I was out of line. For that I am sorry.

Your problem with Mr. & Mrs. Hunnicutt have NOTHING to do with me or MY BUSINESS.

So here is your formal apology, I am sorry I was pissy, rude and mean.

Don't expect any better if it happens again.

YOU attacked me in a public forum! On a public website.

If you remember, I gave YOU the benefit of a doubt. I made a note that the animal was in an unauthorized home, but I saw no harm and no reason to go to the expense of a vet visit. That made ME responsible for any medical attention the animal might have needed. I also promised you that the animals would not be outside unattened for the remainder of that job. And I kept my promises. Which you don't seem to remember and certainly haven't mentioned.

THIS IS MY BUSINESS! I take it seriously!!!!

If it offends you to see someone take responsibility seriously, people will line up at your door for work.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunnicutt will hire me!

And for the record. I called an authorized neighbor the night of the incident, he informed me that this was common behavior and I was right to be concerned about Haley.

That is why I made a formal complaint to you, documented the incidient and notified Reggie and Gigi. All per the procedures in the contract between myself and the Hunnicutts. The vet visit was also listed as a set procedure of this contract. (To cover my liability!) The Hunnicutts authorized skipping this step. Gigi didn't want to make the situation any worse than it already was.

I guess the moral of this whole story is that things look different to every person involved. What you think is acceptable behavior, may be hostile and scary to someone else. That is evidently the way I seemed to you and it was certainly the way your family seemed to me! Maybe the answer to this whole mess is another well know Bible verse: Luke, chapter 6, verses 27-35. Take a look.

One Neighbor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your apology. I also apologize that the circumstances gave you such a scare. Actually, the dog had been in our yard for a while that evening playing, which she does quite often. (She also likes to do her business in our yard. Hah!) Our whole family was in the dining room eating, which faces the front yard, when my husband got a call on his cell phone and had to step on the front porch to take it in order to get a better signal. When he opened the door to come back in, our little dog flew in with Haley right on his tail. A three ring circus ensued, with us trying to catch her. She was snapping away at my dog. When my little girl tried to pick up our dog to get her off him, she snapped at her also. I didn’t get mad, just became very aware that we had better be careful. (the dog had always been friendly before) Finally, I picked up my dog and my husband led Haley to the door by the collar, where he encountered you coming into the yard. The dog had been in our house for approximately 1 minute, and had not been held against her will; but indeed had to be pulled by the collar to leave. I don’t know if my little dog made it out of the house at that point (he adores Haley, although I think she hates him; he’s one of us), but you probably encountered my two bigger dogs (they wouldn’t hurt anyone, but love to play with other dogs).

I am sorry that my husband’s laughing made things so much worse for you. However, you did attack him verbally immediately. Seeing that you were with the Hunnicutt’s dog, and were telling him off, he thought it likely that you were a relative. Believe me, our family is used to being screamed at from the Hunnicutt front door. The whole thing amused him because we are constantly being accused of things by the Hunnicutts that are untrue, and sometimes just outrageous. Holding their dog against her will was the funniest yet. I’m sorry, but living next to them, ya either have to laugh or cry. We find it all pretty amusing. That a grown man would spend so much time drawing, cutting, and pasting pictures and maps and assailing insults is kind of frightening, but it is also funny.

As for attacking you in a public forum on a public site, you haven’t been the one attacked. I don’t believe that I said things that were “not so nice” about you. My letter to Reggie was not about you. His “sitter” was mentioned only to explain what happened at our house, and the way that you approached my husband. Your approach was provocative. Also, when you entered our yard, I don’t believe you were in any way attacked; therefore, I’m not sure why you say that you were defending yourself. Your apology didn’t seem very sincere. Sarcasm isn’t the only way to get a point across; and you shouldn’t apologize if you don’t mean it. The whole “it would happen again” bit negates your apology.

I didn’t think that you were irresponsible with the dog at all. That was the second time she had run into our house that way, and she did the same thing just last week. As a matter of fact, I talked to Reggie a few months ago and he said that Haley had jumped into the back of my husband’s truck and he was afraid that Cliff was going to drive away with her. He said that Gigi was having a difficult time getting control over her (as opposed to the other dogs). Anyway, the dog occasionally shows up at my back door and makes her rounds through the woods around here. I haven’t seen her a lot lately, but a couple of Saturdays ago, she ran around my yard for about 45 minutes. When I opened my front door, in she ran. You see, she does the same thing under Gigi’s care.

Thank you for your reference to Luke 6. Although I caught the sarcastic tone of your post, I still appreciate that. Believe me; I have had to live by that verse with the Hunnicutts. If I were out for revenge, or to be in a feud, I would just call animal control on their dog, as they have on mine; but I don’t. Or I would file a trespassing suit against Gigi for going through the mail in my mailbox, which I believe is felonious; but I haven’t. I certainly could come up with better adjectives about Reggie’s name, appearance, and personality than he has about Cliff, but I wouldn’t. I honestly have too much peace and happiness to let it get me down for more than a day or so. In a way, I feel bad for them. I know that they must be unhappy in some way, and it has to be stressful to carry around so much resentment and bitterness. Reggie’s blog is an indication of his state of mind. I don’t mean only the redneck stuff, but even all of the me, me, me, egotistical stuff is sad. I just can’t think the way that he and Gigi do. There is no battle between us. They are just the type of people who like drama in their lives, and they apparently are more bored than I thought. (Who has time to sit around writing about a neighbor?) You are right about the lessons of the Hatfields and McCoys and this neighborhood does have a reputation. It’s just not the one that the Hunnicutts think it is. Gigi approached a new neighbor in a nice way and then proceeded to “fill her in” on how bad the “hoodlums” in the neighborhood are. Reggie and Gigi can’t see that something like that speaks volumes about the kind of people that they are. I know that if I was new in a neighborhood and someone approached me with those comments, I would say “okay, now I know who the neighborhood busy-body is.” I won’t go into the amount of neighbors they have taken to court, called the police on, called animal control on, had words with, or gossiped about. As you said, it isn’t your business. I’m sorry that you got caught up in a small amount of it. That’s what is so outrageous about Reggie’s blog. Are there people out there who really give a crap about his day to day thoughts and his “feud” with his neighbor? It is astounding to me that anyone would be so small-minded or bored that they would want to hear a guy hurl insults about his neighbor over and over. I realize that for Reggie, perhaps it is a way to vent the true feelings that he feels incapable of handling in any other way. But on a public website? Come on, get a diary! Anyway, from reading your post, you don’t seem like the type of person to read such things. Perhaps you, like me, were informed of a blog and just had a specific purpose for visiting. I don’t know. Thanks for your post, and I apologize for our part in the way things happened with you. I do not plan on visiting this site again, or reading any posts. The whole thing is just so silly, and unhealthy, in my opinion. I should never have posted in the first place. I was just so shocked and sometimes you think you can reach someone. I see now that they are just not the type of people who will take a look at themselves. They are happy with the reality they have created. I am assuming that this settles things between you (anonymous) and me. If you have something that absolutely has to be said, feel free to get my telephone number from Reggie. (I hope he wouldn’t post it). I don’t care to post that, or my email address, on this forum.