Gigi's Dreams

Gigi is a real jewel.

She often talks in her sleep. I listen to hear if I can pick up some dirt on her. She has clean dreams though. At least the ones I hear.

I love to hear the one she has with her mother. She is such a smart ass to her mother in her dreams.

Sometimes Gigi will take a swing at someone or even kick. Usually she is attacking me. She would never do this in real life.

Last night Gigi said I was screaming for Ty. I must have found his ball in the rough because I was dreaming a lot about golf.


Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, let me make it clear to all of the readers of this page: I am paid to take care of animals. I was in the Hunnicutt home to provide a service.

With that said, I think that it is fair for me to give my side of this story.

The night that I was so rude and insulting to the neighbors, I knew nothing of any neighborhood fued. I am from Kentucky. Some time in the past century we learned a valuable lesson from the Hatfields and McCoys. Such behavior is silly! And often leads to serious problems that give the area a bad reputation.

What I saw was a grown man standing in his front lawn having a good laugh, at my expense. I had been out calling an animal I was being paid to watch for 45 minutes. I don't know what Haley was doing that entire period of time. Had I known where she was, I wouldn't have been looking for her!

Now, from my point of view, a good neighbor might have said, and don't be shocked, here's the dog. Or maybe even, hey did you lose something. You could have even said, your not very good at this, we are taking care of the animal since you don't seem capable. I would have taken the criticism!

I know that seems like a huge favor to ask of the good, God fearing, lady who made some not so nice comments about me, but it would have make an amazing impression!

You can be mean to me, but don't scare me to death. I would have appreciated a helping hand, even if it was mean spirited!

Up until that point I hadn't seen any problems in the neighborhood. No one bothered me or any of my things. I felt totally safe to be alone and outside at any time of the day or night. That is all I ask of my neighbors.

Was I upset? Well, I had lost a pet. For most people they are like a member of their family.

When I found the pet a grown man was standing on his front lawn laughing at the fact that I was terrified! And by the way, his dogs were outside. I remember this clearly because he also thought it was hilarious that they were chasing after Haley and barking and running circles around me.

Guess it was okay that I was brave enough to not be afraid of strange dogs, but not okay that I was brave enough to defend myself.

Was it a funny scene? Probably. Was I pissed? You better believe it!!! The only question he had for me once he got the laughing under control was, "are you kin to Reggie?"

The bottom line is that it didn't seem to me that you had any problems with ANYONE other than ME!!! I had been at this home for just about 5 hours. If I had done anything to upset you in that amount of time, well it was certainly unintentional.

I was out of line. For that I am sorry.

Your problem with Mr. & Mrs. Hunnicutt have NOTHING to do with me or MY BUSINESS.

So here is your formal apology, I am sorry I was pissy, rude and mean.

Don't expect any better if it happens again.

YOU attacked me in a public forum! On a public website.

If you remember, I gave YOU the benefit of a doubt. I made a note that the animal was in an unauthorized home, but I saw no harm and no reason to go to the expense of a vet visit. That made ME responsible for any medical attention the animal might have needed. I also promised you that the animals would not be outside unattened for the remainder of that job. And I kept my promises. Which you don't seem to remember and certainly haven't mentioned.

THIS IS MY BUSINESS! I take it seriously!!!!

If it offends you to see someone take responsibility seriously, people will line up at your door for work.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunnicutt will hire me!

And for the record. I called an authorized neighbor the night of the incident, he informed me that this was common behavior and I was right to be concerned about Haley.

That is why I made a formal complaint to you, documented the incidient and notified Reggie and Gigi. All per the procedures in the contract between myself and the Hunnicutts. The vet visit was also listed as a set procedure of this contract. (To cover my liability!) The Hunnicutts authorized skipping this step. Gigi didn't want to make the situation any worse than it already was.

I guess the moral of this whole story is that things look different to every person involved. What you think is acceptable behavior, may be hostile and scary to someone else. That is evidently the way I seemed to you and it was certainly the way your family seemed to me! Maybe the answer to this whole mess is another well know Bible verse: Luke, chapter 6, verses 27-35. Take a look.