Naked Guy

Damn I feel old fashioned. I’m going to have to stick or pierce something. Maybe get a tattoo?

I went to lunch at PF Changs and all the kids working there had black hair, long sideburns, clod hoppers with 2 inch soles, any fold of skin pierced, and tattoos everywhere. They all looked very similar.

Yesterday I saw an 86 year old man naked at Linville Country Club. It was frightening. Old men at old rich country clubs get naked a lot and seem to linger and talk while naked.

All of these beautiful young people at Changs and elsewhere are marking their bodies far more than they should.

At 86 they’ll be ugly enough and potentially uglier with saggy stuck places and drawings.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I’m still trying to purge the image of that naked grandpa.


Anonymous said...

I saw an old naked man once when my friend and I accidently wandered onto a nude beach. I was in grade 3 but the image is still etched in my mind. There were also naked men and women playing frisbee in ankle deep water. Now that's an interesting sight...

Anyway, every time I am tempted to get a tatoo, I remind myself of what it would look like stretched out or melted (weight gain, age) - but then again, by the time that happens, maybe there will be a cheeper, easier method of tatoo removal... Or maybe deformed tatoos will be totally in.

Ali said...

As someone who sports 3 tattoos herself, I have to say that I am totally in favour of them.
Of course mine are strategically placed and can be hidden from sight if need be.
I figure that by the time I'm an old granny I won't give a rats ass what anyone thinks (I don't care so much now) and maybe my grandkids will think I'm cool for being so "wild" back in the day.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Strategic tattoos on women is sexy. Spider webs on the elbow or Chinese writing on the neck isn't. My female friend in St Croix has one above the butt crack that is sexy.

Anonymous said...

I agree strategic tatoos on a women are sexy as well. The lower back and ankle are two of my favourites. But strategic tatoos on a guy can be pretty sexy too - There's an ex-student of mine who has one on his back, and when he lifted up his shirt and showed it to me, I'm telling you, I almost forgot he was only 19 :)