Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Heave hoe, lash and stow, the cooks have gone to the galley long ago. Shake a leg sailor, rise and shine, you’ve had your sleep and I’ve had mine.

This is how my father used to wake me up as a kid. It was some old sailor saying he learned in the Navy. I always thought it was harsh.

My dad enjoyed mornings like I do.

My mother used to say, “Wake up itty bitty baby,” even until I was grown. I always felt like she should have knocked that off by the time I was five.

Every morning she would get up early without fail or complaint and fix breakfast for the family.

In those days as a child I had total protection.

I miss those days but can easily relive them in my mind.

Sigh, well off to slay dragons and mine salt.

Oh! I need to get Gigi a cup of coffee. I’d better watch my toes.