A Tale of Two Blogs, or Am I a Blog Mule?

I am not a writer, and certainly not much of a reader, but I enjoy jotting down my thoughts and getting comments from others that read them.

I started blogging back in January of ‘06 when I went on vacation in St Croix. My main objective was to share with my friends and family my thoughts, sights, sounds and photos of the fun and adventures I was having on the island.

I did this by posting pictures and notes daily on a web site and even included a live web cam I set up from the villa.

Blogging soon became addictive to me. I switched over from the web content to the blogger site for ease of posting.

I look forward to sharing my life with strangers. There is a lot of crap in my head that needs to be digitized for my own sake.

Now the second blog.

For years I have run a small web site called Extreme Tailgate. It chronicles our NFL Carolina Panther tailgating and adventures we have at the game.

It usually contains silliness and pictures from all my tailgating buddies along with comments.

This year I decided to use the blogger format for simplicity sakes and run with it that way.

This morning however I found myself typing, cutting and pasting like a mad man for over an hour and a half.

What have I become? Two blogs? What the hell, I don’t work for the daily planet!

Take a deep breath Reggie! Enjoy you blogging. Enjoy your life. Don’t make this work.