And So It Begins

I realize I have readers here, down under and up over yonder so many of you will not know the importance of what is about to happen.

Take your soccer or football, ice hockey, skiing, “fill in your sport here” and render it down to its essence. Concentrate and distill that essence and you have what the NFL means to me. American football, The National Football League.

And so it begins.

Our own Carolina Panthers have their first preseason game here Saturday night against the Buffalo Bills.

I’ll be at every game. There will be grills smoking, beer to drink, tales to tell, trash talking, laughing, yelling, disgust, and jubilation.

I’m not sure what is about the NFL. It makes grown men adolescents again. None of us have or ever did have the athletic ability of the men we watch and admire. But in our minds we do just for a few hours.

Just for a few hours we can run on fuel of pure testosterone and our wives excuse us.

Winning is everything. Pride of your team is everything. Pride of your city is everything.

Then we humbly come home, hoarse from yelling, sweaty and smelling like beer and charcoal. We shower and settle back into real life for another week.

Confidence is high this year that The Carolina Panthers will go all the way back to the Super Bowl.

I am so confident that is 6 months I plan to watch Carolina play from the warmth of St Croix and scheduled the trip around the event. They haven’t seen tailgating on the island until we get there.


Peach Pod said...

Did you when the golf tourney?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Not yet, its the 25th.