I love it when I sleep well. I have been on a roll lately. It’s a real pleasure to go to bed and blissfully sleep deeply for hours on end.

My wife on the other hand has been suffering from insomnia. Every night about 2:30 she wakes and ends up waking me.

I am so zoned that I usually stagger to the sofa and finish catching z’s.

Haley, the single patch border collie is so happy to discover that she is alive every time she wakes up.

So at 2:30 Haley is running around tossing toys, sniffing breath and doing just generally annoying doggy stuff.

Meanwhile, Peaches and Cedie are like me. Ya’ll just shut up and go to sleep!


mr zig said...

I want to sleep right now... perhaps I should close my office door, curl up under my desk and sleep - and everyone would think I went home for the day... hm... crap - I guess Ali would know about my plan when she reads your blog and this comment -guess I'll wait until I get home.