The Break In

Well, back in 2000 I had just opened my new branch office. It was just me and my evil mean secretary who left me last year. Old bitch. I hated that woman.

Anyway as you know I have always had this webcam thing going on. Back then I had two cams running 24/7 with motion detection in the evening.

Every morning I would check to see what went on in the evening. Every time it was the little cleaning guy. It would shoot for or five stills, and then make four or five 10 second videos on each camera as it detected motion.

In my office I had a nice two bottle wine holder with two bottles of good red just in case I wanted to celebrate a moment. By the way I just got invited to San Francisco! I love wine and I love San Francisco! More on that later.

So one Saturday morning I looked at the cam stills and I see this guy walking out the door with what looked like my wine! Say it ain’t so. I checked the other cam and sure enough I had been violated.

So I called my partner Don who lives in town to go by and check it out. Sure enough we had a break-in.

I went to the office and had around 15 stills and about 2 minutes of video of the idiot walking around stealling my stuff.

He even left an unfilled prescription on the floor so we knew his name.

I thought this was going to be cut and dry for the Charlotte Police. After all they sent a real CSI there and dusted and took pictures. She was the cutest little CSI woman cop.

Anyway that was the end of it.

I called a buddy that has a segment on a local TV station and told him what happened. He ran a segment on it and showed the video.

The crook saw the video and called the police and asked, “Why are ya’ll showing my picture on TV?”

The police invited him down and they made an arrest.

What surprised the police is the name on the prescription matched his real name. The police never even checked the clues he left.

I got my insurance canceled and that is the end of the story.

I still have the files and will load one on Google Video.

Here is the link.