It All Came Down to a Single Putt

Here I sit gazing upon the countenance of the alabaster Thunder Jug trophy, knowing darn well I almost lost it today.

It was an epic golf battle between two teams of old college roommates. Bruce and I held the title from the first Thunder Jug contest.

Ty and Brian challenged to gain the title of Thunder Jug champion and they lost by a single hole.

The contest opened with a quick two hole lead by the challengers.

My play early and on the finish was dreadful. I only had two holes in the middle where I added to the score. Heck I didn’t fully wake up until number 4. I usually don’t stay up as late as I did last night.

Brian and Bruce carried the lion’s share of the game.

We all were remarkably well matched.

Later our team whittled away their lead to gain a two point advantage. By number 16 it looked as if loosing the cup would be difficult. We managed a good try.

By number 18 we were tied. The cup would remain ours if we tied or won. It came down to the last putt. Brian attempted a long putt to win but it wouldn’t go. Brian’s putting had been outstanding all day. Bruce sunk his par putt for the outright win.

So the Thunder Jug goes back to the safety of my trophy case until the next challenge.