I love a good bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Bacon is good with anything. Like cinnamon, bacon can enhance most anything. I rarely eat bacon because its basically cooked fat and chemicals but it is a delicious treat.

This bacon was slow cooked in a pan. Its always superior cooked in a pan versus the microwave method.

Lettuce is good most anytime winter or summer. I can’t tell a big difference in taste.

But a summer tomato now that is a big deal. Winter tomatoes have vastly improved over the years. A few years ago a winter tomato meant a pink fibrous hard thing that resembled a tomato. It was gross and had no taste. Winter tomatoes are still bad but they at least look better.

If you go to a fine restaurant like the Palm you’ll actually get a fresh summer tomato from somewhere in the world that has real tomatoes and you’ll pay big for it.

This tomato was home grown and given to me by my friend Mark.

Behold its beauty, the redness, the juicy and firm flesh just bursting with flavor.

I’m going now to build this sandwich, eat it, take a nap and watch some golf.


Peach Pod said...

FYI, Alton Brown says you should bake your bacon on a cookie sheet with a wire rack. He says you get the perfect bacon that way. I haven't tried it that way but plan to experiment with a pan vs. microwave vs. oven cook-off.