The Challenge

Last November me and my old college roommate from the 70’s played golf with Ty and his old college roommate from the 80’s.

The game was played on neutral turf at the famous Pinehurst, NC.

We beat Ty and Brian like a rented mule. That was even with me whiffing two shots on the same tee. How embarrassing was that?

We said any time you could challenge us to a rematch.

Well the challenge has been tossed out with lots of trash talk, and threats like bring car titles and such.

So since we are defending our title we chose to play on my home course at Pine Lake Country Club. The match will be the morning of August 25, 2006.

We are playing for pride and the coveted Thunder Jug Trophy. Actually it was a cotton or q-tip holder that I bought from Wal-Mart. Thunder Jugs are hard to come by these days.

On the top is etched with blue Sharpie 2005 Bruce Crockett – Reg Hunnicutt, Jr. Hopefully Bruce and I will hoist this trophy in victory again on the 25th.

Updates to follow.


Ali said...

I'm sure you will win the coveted Thunder Jug trophy once again, despite your tendency for whiffling?? balls (as you can probably guess, I know absolutely nothing about golf).
Just out of curiousity; who's Ty?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ty is my office colleague. I have a small office of 4 people.

We play golf together. He lives south of Charlotte in South Carolina.