It's Morning

Oh how I love a lazy morning.

Gigi and I slept very late for us. At 8:50 I woke up and saw three border collies staring back at me. Boscoe the parrot exclaimed a loud “yes!” He was glad we were awake too.

I stumbled to the kitchen and fixed the coffee then let the dogs out to get rid of their night water.

We had a great evening at the home of Jim and Des who live in the city. It was just what I like. It was an evening of conversation, good food, good drinks and lots of laughs with friends.

We got home late for us and as always the dogs felt abandoned but were ecstatic to see us.

All three slept in the bed with us and cuddled very close.

We have a strange habit in our household. I will announce a dog by first and middle name when they come into the house unless a guest is here. I would be embarrassed if someone other than Gigi heard me.

I just let Peaches in and in a faux British accent I loudly announced “Peaches Augusta”. Then from the back of the house I heard Gigi acknowledge by repeating “Peaches Augusta”.

This way we can keep up with who is outside and who is inside.

We don’t like to leave the dogs unattended even though they all stick around in a very predictable fashion. Haley will go to the pasture and herd. Cedie will lay in the shrubbery and sleep. Peaches will stay on the deck or piddle around the front yard.


Anonymous said...

And yet you just told the world about calling your dogs by their first two names...