Dog Paws

I love dog paws, especially the front paws.

Last night I was massaging Haley’s paws in the middle of the night.

Paw pads fill like tightly stuffed water balloons and they get rough from hours of herding (play).

Paw pads all have a familiar pattern that I am sure God put there for a reason. They all have a little pocket in the middle that dogs just love to get scratched.

Then all dogs have little bear claw toenails.

Cedie only has one back paw on the left leg so we massage her single back paw almost daily, and scratch her right ear daily since she can’t scratch. Cedie groans like a Wookie when we do this to her ear.

Finally all dogs paws smell like Fritos or popcorn. I understand that is some scent gland dogs use to mark territory.