Twas A Shitty Day

I rarely have shitty days.

My assistant at work gave me her two weeks notice. She was and is a well qualified and good employee. She will be missed.

Now for the search for a new employee which is always stressful.

Being self employed has its drawbacks. All the fun and leisure comes to an end when my right hand assistant is gone from the workplace.

My idea of work is find a client, watch over the client, manage the big picture and let the assistant handle all the details. I hate details but they have to be addressed.

So now I must face the reality of details until a hire is made.

I must read resumes and distill the bullshit. I must find the most coveted thing that only your inner soul gave you and that is someone with common sense. Education is fine but common sense is golden. Few people have real common sense. Add some humor and you have a real gem.

It also helps if they are not attractive. Attractive employees are distracting and they can make my wife jealous. A nice clean business look is preferred over smoking hot any time.

So I’m looking for a slightly homely unemployed individual with common sense and a sense of humor.

So I finally take to the golf course with a couple of buddies and shoot the worst score in a year and a half.

Then the terrorists, damn inconsiderate terrorists.

Gigi and I planned to go to London in October, then Scotland, then France. Gigi decided hell no to that idea yesterday. I couldn’t go now even if there wasn’t someone wanting to kill us on the plane because I need a slightly homely unemployed individual with common sense and a sense of humor back home watching the business.


Anonymous said...

Hey Reggie,
So what is the pay for this fabulous job? ;D