Ah the weekend! Gigi woke up around 5 AM and she was so excited it was Saturday that she woke me.

Saturday is better than sleeping. We’ll get in a nap this afternoon after I do yard work. After all the Carolina Panthers game is tonight and I struggle to stay awake past 10 PM so I’ll need a nap.

When I woke I saw three dog cobras poised to strike me. When dogs sleep on their backs their back feet stick in the air. Their feet are tapered like a cobra head. Cedie only has one rear foot and of course Haley has two, hence three cobras. You know a dog is sleeping well when they are on their back.

Gigi went to Sam’s Club yesterday and bought some big industrial quantities of food. We are excited about all the fresh fruit. I know most of it will rot before we eat it.

She also bought a leg of lamb. I love lamb but rarely eat it. Lambs are so cute.

We lay in bed and talked about cooking some mashed potatoes with the lamb and having a big green salad. She bought massive quantities of fancy ass greens from Sam’s.

I would like to get another batch of beer brewed this weekend if I have time. I have three batches under my belt now. Only the first is ready to drink and it’s half gone. It is so good. Batch 2 will be a month old and ready to drink next Saturday. I checked batch 3 yesterday and none of the bottles exploded.