A Place for Everything

I get very anxious at the grocery store checkout. I like all my stuff in order and I like it organized.

If I have a few items I’ll go to one of the automated checkout and do it myself. This ensures everything is orderly.

If I have a basket of stuff then I make them do the checkout. After all I’m not their unpaid employee.

Here’s what freaks me. I am a guy. I have but two pockets and a little wallet for ID and a few credit cards. My pockets have an order to them. On the left front pocket I carry a small collapsible pen, chapstick lip balm and a small folding knife. On the right front I carry a small .22 revolver. We’ve had this discussion before that I carry a concealed weapon.

The wallet goes on the right rear pocket. My left butt check is free to enjoy life as a butt cheek should.

So I hand the cashier a twenty dollar bill, and she hands me back a pile of paper currency and some coins, along with coupons and a two foot receipt all stacked in one open hand. I just want to throw it up in the air.

I need to find a place for all this new stuff but there is social pressure from the guy behind me to move on. I have had my time with the cashier and the transaction is complete.

Generally I take all this new stuff and wade it up and stuff it in the left pocket to be sorted later.

My wallet is very organized. It has a window for my big potato head phone ID, a money clip and two neat areas for cards. There is not a home for coins, coupons and receipts.

Why a receipt anyway? I am not going to bring back a head of lettuce, loaf of bread or a 12 pack of Coke.


Shannon said...

Nice to know there are "others" out there. Not that I'm overly organized or anything but a man's pockets aren't open season for just anything! BTW, I carry concealed also. I carry a Springfield Armory .45 Ultra Compact. I love this gun!

mr zig said...

I find it so strange that you are able to carry a concealed firearm there!!! the whole concept seems so unreal to me... heck, here its hard enough to even get your firearms lisence! - I myself have several handguns, but no chance in hell that someone here can carry a concealed! (unless your a cop, or a armored car service) To take my firearms to the range requires a Autorization to Transport permit (which states the registration numbers of my firearms my address, and the address of the gunclub I belong too) - And techincally I'm supposed to go straight there withough stopping on they way... and each firearm MUST be double locked (trigger locked, and in a locked case) - but, thats just how it is up here :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yeah the bad guys all have guns that are unregistered and stolen.

To get a permit we must have a sparkling clean criminal record, pass a day long firearm course, have an FBI background check, cannot carry in a government building, school, bank, any place that serves alcohol, if you have been drinking alcohol, any public gathering.

You must disclose to a cop that you have a gun if stopped and produce the permit if asked.

Gigi and I carry a .22 on our person and we have a .38 in the vehicle.

Gigi is tiny. You ought to see her at target practice.

Anonymous said...

S&W 637 (.38 spcl +P) in my right front pocket here in Texas.

I can't stand all of that receipt and coupon junk in my pocket either. It all goes into the grocery sack and my wife can deal with it when I get the groceries home.