Late Adopter

The very last person on the planet that is going to adopt the PC and Internet lifestyle just did.

I am going to see two elderly clients this afternoon at 4 PM that have bought their first PC. I’m not sure what to make of this its just interesting.

About 30% of my clients do not have a PC and get irritated when I ask them for their email address. I had the above couple in this category.

I promised if they ever bought a PC that I would come over and help them learn how to work it. There was one catch though. They had to have at least two cold beers for me to get through the process.

She called this morning and she told me she had a six pack.

Ty my office associate really screwed up the universe when he bought a white Apple notebook a few weeks ago. White? Ty! Shame, shame.

PS- Ali, try to send me the recipe again!