Travel Plans

I love to travel. Gigi does if we have a competent person taking care of the horses and we are traveling in the RV.

I like to go by plane and stay in a resort.

In September we are going to San Francisco for 4 days. We love San Francisco. The town is beautiful, the food is fabulous and the weather is usually mild.

Gigi and I used to go to SF every October just to visit. Flights from Charlotte are always cheap in the range of $200 per person round trip.

The other night I almost booked a flight and hesitated. The next day I was invited by Wells Fargo to come out and see their operation. So I bought an extra ticket to take Gigi.

We’ll arrive Thursday mid day and eat lunch at our favorite restaurant in China Town. We’ll shop and have dinner at The Tadich Grill. They have the best sourdough bread and Caesar salad there.

I have meetings all day Friday and then a nice dinner on Wells Fargo.

Saturday we’ll head to Napa and meet Justin Hunnicutt Stephens who started Hunnicutt Wines. I have bought and love his wines.

Then we’ll do a few more tastings, have lunch and check in to a B&B.

Then off to the airport Sunday morning to return to Charlotte.

In October we plan to RV to Jordon Lake in Raleigh. We plan to meet up with my sister Etta and do some fun fall camping.

November we are heading to Oak Island via RV to have Thanksgiving with Gigi’s mother and her brother. I can squeeze in a round or two of golf if it’s still warm.

In December we are taking the RV to Alabama for Christmas with Gigi Aunt and Uncle.

So we are looking to get house sitters and we will be set.