Where Are The Cool Clothes?

Holy smoke it’s hot and I was dumb enough to play golf today.

I bought and actually drank 8 16 ounce Gatorades, two 16 ounce waters, two 16 ounce beers after the round, peed slightly twice just to see if I could, then took a cool tub bath just to cool off.

Somebody needs to make cool clothes. Not something that wicks away sweat but something that will pump in some cool air.

I’ve got a pair of these high dollar Under Armor long johns that work well in the winter. Where are the cool clothes?

Sharper Image has a thing called the Cool Collar. I saw the demo in the store and wanted one but they were out of stock. I ordered on online and await shipment.

Okay…..my neck will be cool next week, what about the other 95% of my body?