Types of Symbiotic Associations

1. Mutualism. Both members of the association benefit.

2. Commensalism. There is no apparent benefit or harm to either member of the association.

3. Parasitism. One member of the association lives at the expense of the other member.

With Cedie and Millie you would call their relationship mutualism.

Cedie has the most cute pink belly and with little brown spots. She also has a big plumy tail. Her belly is very warm and constantly exposed because she is missing the right rear leg entirely.

Enter Millie. Millie loves big fluffy bedding and craves a nice warm spot to sleep. Cedie’s belly is perfect.

Cedie on the other hand gets her belly covered in fur as God intended.


Anonymous said...

Actually commensalism is when one member of the relationship recieves benefit but the other is unaffected. And a host-parasite reaction is only in the parasitic relationship.