The Storm

Last night around 6 PM a big muscular thunderstorm was bearing down on us. I checked the radar and sure enough if we both ran we could get the horses watered and fed and in their stalls in time for the storm.

I unplugged the electric fence, ran the dinner bell to call the horses while simultaneously cleaned and filled their water buckets.

Meanwhile Gigi was dumping grain and filling the hay hoppers.

Moments later a giant bolt of lightening hit and our world was jolted into the 19th century. The power went out. Oh the humanity!

Fortunately the storm had dropped the temperature from 100 to 85.

So we sat and looked at each other. Dead silence. Even the dogs looked bored. It was now 6:17.

I called Duke Energy and reported the outage. The nice computer told me we should have power restored by 9:00 PM August 3rd. Okay, they got the day right, but three hours?

So back to staring at each other in dead silence. I made a few half hearted advances toward Gigi and Gigi looked at me like you have to be crazy. Gigi never has any adult marital thoughts (just trying to keep the blog clean) unless there is electricity coming out of the wall.

So, plan B. I went out the garage and took out the emergency generator, plugged it into the panel and fired up a few circuits. We now had TV and a few light and the refrigerator was operating.

Ah but to no avail. Apparently all the electricity has to be working for Gigi to feel adult marital thoughts.