Morning Errands

I headed out early today to run a few errands.

My first stop was Home Depot. I needed only a new wheel for the wheel barrow.

You actually wear out wheel barrows having three horses. We try to keep two wheel barrows operating at all times.

Then I wondered over to the grilling stuff.

I am a purest when it comes to grilling. It must be real charcoal or nothing. I do not do gas grills.

And the term is grilling, not barbequing. Barbequing is a cooking technique that you can do on a grill or several other contraptions. It is a method that slowly cooks meats and gradually breaks down the fats to render them tender and tasty.

You don’t barbeque a steak, hamburger or a hotdog, you grill them. You can barbeque on a grill a pork shoulder or beef biscuit. This takes many hours and lots of beer to barbeque.

Any how, I picked up two large bags of Kingsford Charcoal (the original charcoal) and bought a new grill surface. The old one was might greasy and getting kind of nasty looking. Plus, I know this grill is getting ready for a real workout with the NFL season right upon us.

Then I went over to Food Lion to pick up some groceries. Food Lion is a Dutch company. The Dutch use a lion for every company they own. ING, Food Lion, etc.

Have you ever been shopping at the grocery store and wandered from your cart, then suddenly think, “I better keep an eye on the cart, someone may steal something.”

How stupid is that? Who would steal something that is not paid for yet?


Anonymous said...

Actually, Food Lion isn't Dutch. It's Belgian. The original company is called "Delhaize" and was founded in 1867.