Oh Whoa Is Me!

Nothing worked out today. There was one exception though.

The Sears guy called early and told Gigi that he could come and work on my mower but he didn’t have and could not get parts for the mower. Why would I want him to come if he can’t fix the mower??

I clearly told the phone guy in Pakistan yesterday that I had a Home Depot John Deer Scots Lawn Care mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine.

This fact was a surprise to the local Sears guy.

I got grouchy over this news and called a local company called Pinkstons. I just don’t like that name. Pinkstons will pick up the mower and repair it in a few days. I like them better now.

The gutter guy showed up late and said he wanted to survey the situation and said he would be back tomorrow morning.

So nothing got done today.

Then I’m back from lunch and a couple of my Canadian blogger friends catch me killing time reading not only blogs, but their blogs. They saw me on my webcam. And they were killing time at work too. How funny was that?

I swear if the Internet went down North American production would soar.

So I decided to put a fork in the day around 2 PM and go home. I might as well while I still have Valerie around for a few days. Plus I didn’t have any more high powered meetings today.

The one exception to the day is I got to see Gigi early. She is my best friend.

And it's 4:45 PM and I'm having a Samual Adams Black Lager.


Ali said...

It's only 3:45pm here so I will be here for another hour and 15 minutes, bragger. ; )
Zig and I thought it was quite funny that we could see you reading our blogs, I'll have to make sure I check on you every day now.
Hmmm, you talking about enjoying that beer makes me wish I had a nice cold cocktail to go with the chocolate chip banana muffin that I'm munching on right now!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Braggart! We want the recipe.