Evening Events

It was an interesting evening.

I had to work late and see a client at their home around 6 PM. Meanwhile Gigi was dodging lightening from the approaching tropical storm and putting the horses to bed.

Our plan was to have our Tuesday night dinner out at our club.

I got home about 7 PM and Gigi was just finishing. She was soaking wet and sweaty from her effort. We decided to cook a frozen pizza and relax.

I changed clothes and started to relax. Gigi changed her mind and we decide a quick shower would get us there before the kitchen closed.

As we were driving there I noticed at our only gas station a rig I had seen a few hours before.

It was what appeared to be a brand new fifth wheel RV and a brand new Ford diesel truck in some distress. The hood had been up for hours.

As you may recall Gigi and I were hopelessly stuck on the side of I-95 this past July with a flat tire. It took us 4 hours and $170 to get going again. If only a good Samaritan had bothered to stop and help us.

We decided to do a good deed and stop and help these people.

They had simply come to Charlotte that day in their brand new truck to take delivery of their new RV when a pressure hose failed on their diesel turbo. They had been stuck all day making phone calls and eating gas station snacks. They had assumed they would be safely home by now back in Fayetteville, NC.

Our mechanic was two blocks away and we got him on the phone to find the part. He said he could get it fixed in the morning.

We invited these folks to stay over in our guest house and we all went to dinner.

Hopefully this will all come to a good end and these folks can get on their journey. They were most grateful for hour hospitality.


Anonymous said...

That is so nice of you two. I know you all enjoyed it.