Dog Snouts

This is the second article is a series about dog parts that I love.

Today’s subject is dog snouts.

I love dog snouts, the cold whiskers on the sides when you hug them, the little bitty whiskers on the end that tickle you when they sniff you.

Haley likes to smell our breath in the morning. It is a nice stinky treat for her. Haley’s snout whiskers feel like a seal is inspecting you.

I like their serrated lips. Have you noticed how sticky dog lips are when they playfully grab at you with their mouth?

Black shiny dog noses are a treat too. They look like they are made of rubber and they are so strangely shaped.

Peaches has a brown nose. This was discussed by Gigi and I before we paid for her. We have never owned a brown nosed dog.

It has worked out just fine.