The Man from Manitoba

We have many animals that share their lives with us.

I prefer female animals mainly because females are generally sweeter and I don’t like seeing all that male stuff hang down.

My oldest sister thinks male dogs should be required to wear pants. She also gets mad when you sneeze but that’s another story.

We have always had animals from a place that started with an M.

Peaches the border collie is from Mt. Gilead, NC, Millie the cat was from Midland, NC, Lady the horse is from Matthews, NC, Boscoe the parrot is from Monroe, NC, Galaxy the border collie was from Mobile, AL, and the list goes on.

A few years ago Gigi got on this jag to get a PMU horse (Pregnant Mare Urine). They actually raise and keep horses pregnant just for their urine. It’s used in some female medicine.

So when a male horse is born they send him off to slaughter.

Gigi was telling me about this male horse. I did not want another mouth to feed, they eat like a horse, ha, ha, and I made a funny.

Plus he would have big horsy male stuff and he wasn’t from an M place.

“He’s from Manitoba,” she said.

It turns out you can ship a horse from Manitoba for $600.

He was the most scrawny lice infested this when we got him. He was tiny.

Several years later he’s a beautiful adult Arabian minus a few key male parts that makes him a gelding.


mr zig said...

just so you know, not everything from manitoba is scrawny and lice infested... for example me... i'm not so scrawny (at least not anymore) - and no lice here :) -

Ali said...

Wow, a horse from Manitoba? I have a hard time believing that he was lice-infested but I sure do believe that he's gorgeous now.
As for removing all the "male business" I think that was a good idea, I hate seeing all that debris hanging from male animals.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No guys.....he was kept in less than ideal conditions and shipped with other riffraff PMU horses from other locals.

The horese were raised almost like veal.

I'm sure your horses are fine clean horses.

Also he was a baby so that was part of the problem, plus he had this big heavy winter coat that was shedding.