Walk The Line

I came home late from work yesterday and all of the yard fairies had descended on my place.

The beds look fantastic and the gutters were spotless. We actually had little trees growing in the gutters.

Gigi did a wonderful job as manager of operations along with her regular duties.

I must find my camera so I can post more pictures. I left it a safe place in the RV back in July. I haven’t seen it since.

Ali from Canada sent her muffin recipe. Oh it looks good. I was delighted that the measurements were normal stuff that I understand. I was afraid the recipe was going to be metric stuff, preheat to 200 C, a dash of Aurora Borealis dust, etc. I was just kidding guys.

I bought an international plug converter from Wal-Mart when I had planned to travel to Europe this fall. There are some real scary looking plugs in other countries. In England they use the same amount of electricity on a George Forman as we use on a welding machine. I know. I used to sell welding machines.

But that trip is canceled so I’ll get my $20 back whenever I stop back at Wal-Mart.

I must walk a fine line the next 24 hours. I am about to experience some real man fun. If I go overboard Gigi will be highly miffed.

There is a game tonight here in Charlotte with the Miami Dolphins. There will be full bore tailgating at 6PM with my buddies. Then he game.

Tomorrow the Thunder Jug Challenge will begin at 8 AM. More guy stuff.


Ali said...

Oh, whoops...did I forget to mention the Aurora Borealis dust? What about the lock of virgin's hair? Hee, Hee - just kidding! Enjoy. :)