Things Work Out

My troubles are solved for now.

Wait… I hear a gorilla screaming from the back. Haley must have found her stuffed monkey.

Now back to my regular blog already in progress.

My riding mower has blades that are very dull. It’s like having paddle fan blades under the deck. Blunt as my elbow.

I attempted to remove the blades Saturday but the bolts were fused on. I noticed they were bent which means sharpening was out of the question. My arms are still sore from screwing around with this.

So do I load the mower in the truck bed? I have room in the truck; I drive a big old Ford F350 diesel. But that is a lot of trouble.

So I decided to call Sears home service. After 8 minutes of talking to a computer a real person come on and said, “How about tomorrow at 8 AM?”

“Yes! Yes. That would be wonderful”, I said femininely. I was caught up in my good fortune but quickly assumed my manly mannerisms.

I have been looking for a yard person to help me. I want them to do stuff I hate to do like rake leaves, and dress the beds with pine needles. We call it pine straw here.

So I got a referral for a Mr. Alverez. My friend said he didn’t speak much English so go slow when talking to him. Well I got my gym budding who is Puerto Rican to call this Alverez fellow to set up the deal.

When I get home about 7 PM this nice little Hispanic family is sitting on my deck and Gigi is chatting away and serving lemonade. Gigi has NEVER met a stranger.

So Mr. Alverez who speaks very decent English will return Wednesday morning to whip my yard into shape at a fair price. How lucky is that?

Then I got a call from a guy looking to do odd jobs that was a referral from my mechanic. He is going to clean out the gutters just in time for them to fill up with the impending leaves of fall.

Things are working out. Now I can go to the game Thursday night and play golf Friday and not feel guilty about the yard work.

Now if I only had a chocolate banana muffin…..


Anonymous said...

Let me know if you ever get the recipe for the chocolate banana muffins. I would like one too!
You are right, Gigi has NEVER met a stranger.

mr zig said...

I also wish I had chocolate banana muffins - (Judy, when my wife gives me that recipe i'll post it on my blog) -

Hm... its a good thing Ali brought some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins to work today... mmmm ssoooo good - (sorry don't mean to rub it in... well.. actually yes I do)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. Zig for getting the recipe for me. I can't wait to try them. I am sure Gigi will make them too. She is a great cook.