Trouble in Paradise

Gigi and I went to our country club for dinner.

Please don’t misunderstand. This is a modest club and we are not rich folks.

This club has nice people, a nice golf course, food services and facilities. It’s nothing fancy, just nice and very consistent place for recreation and a place to meet friends and business associates.

A bunch of the guys at the club pitched in and bought a huge plasma High Definition TVs for the lounge.

Gigi and I arrived at the lounge for dinner and I noticed the HDTV was set on standard definition channels. Why bother?

I asked Shannon our server about the situation and she seemed to associate this as a guy problem. She didn’t notice or care whether it was HD or SD.

I am convinced women don’t or can’t see High Definition TV. It’s all standard definition TV to them.

I made some smarty comment to Shannon about standard definition on plasma TV and she was quite miffed about the insult.

Gigi pointed out that I was in trouble. I was snubbed by Shannon.

Eventually Shannon changed the channel to High Definition. I was still in trouble by my insult I could tell.


Anonymous said...

You are right about women not noticing high definition. We have it on our new tv downstairs and I just don't really "get it".