Sticks and Stones

I’m back from my two day isolation from the world. No phones, no email, no TV, nothing.

This drives me crazy. I don’t find it relaxing to be away from communication.

I did enjoy the lack of impending doom news from the Middle East.

I don’t enjoy the NC Mountains anymore. It’s too minimalist. It’s too hard to get from point A to point B.

There are too many apple stands, split rail stacked fences and stone walls. Enough already, it’s like living on Walton’s Mountain.

We stayed in a friend’s 7,000 square foot vacation home made of… you guessed it, tree bark, logs, stone, and the whole lodge look. Good night Jim Bob, good night John Boy.

And I’ve got to tell you I don’t trust people that don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning in the morning.

We were with a group of eight guys and only two of us staggered to the coffee pot. The rest were chugging orange juice, milk and crap like that.

We played golf on a beautiful course with lots of stacked stones and logs. These were all natural.