Time and Effort

What a day. I drove from Charlotte, NC to Asheville, NC to visit with a new client. It was a two and half hour drive up and two and a half back.

We met for an hour, had a leisurely lunch then headed to the Asheville Airport to admire his planes.

We visited for about three hours and built a good relationship. My business is about relationships and trust, plus results.

I am tired but did nothing physical but drive and eat. I talked on the phone all day.

There are two economies out there. There is the time and effort economy and then there is the results economy.

If you work for a wage or salary then you are part of the time and effort economy. You can potentially work longer hours and make more money, or you can work harder and produce more and make more money.

Both have their limits. There are but so many hours in the day. You can only get but so efficient as an individual.

I am part of the results economy. I am not wealthy but live comfortably and measure my reward by free time, hence the title of this blog.

I can run my business with a mobile phone and a laptop. It doesn’t matter where I am, at my desk, in my car, or at my home. I see and think the same at all these locations.

My income potential is unlimited if I leverage my time and skills effectively.

I have some clients that insist I be at my desk when I talk to them. They came from a time and effort job.

Other clients from the results economy communicate with me by email and phone. All they want is a bottom line answer, not effort.

I have very qualified people in the time and effort economy supporting me. I could not do my job without them. In turn the time and effort employees are very dependant on my results. We are very dependant on each other.

Tomorrow I will take my sorry results economy butt and head back to Lineville, NC to play golf with some colleagues. Many of them will be much more successful than me and I will learn from them.

I may be off line until Thursday.