Boscoe Revisited

Here is a story about Boscoe, the family parrot. Boscoe is a Maroon Belly Conure. He is about the size of a Robin. Boscoe has been part of our family for over 17 years.

Boscoe has a rather large vocabulary for a breed of bird not known to be good talkers. He says over fifty words and phrases all with a thick Southern accent. While watching television he is frequently heard saying dah-yum!

Back in 1999 we all took a car trip to New England which included Boscoe and our border collie Peaches. We had our travel trailer in tow passing through each state uneventfully on our way to Maine. As we stopped in Delaware to pay a toll Boscoe became frightened and freed himself from Gigi's grasp and flew out of the driver's side of the truck. He flew past six lanes of heavy truck traffic and continued out of sight. We were devastated at our loss.

I pulled over and crossed the interstate traffic to look for Boscoe. I looked for thirty minutes calling his name but had no luck. I walked into a nearby Department of Transportation Office and told them of my problem. The employees were more than happy to assist in my search. Finally I had to abandon the search. I asked them to call me on my wireless phone if Boscoe ever showed up.

We continued up the road to New Jersey to drop off the trailer. We gathered flash lights, and heavy coats to assist in the search for Boscoe. We made the 45 mile trip back to Delaware. It was about sundown and the weather was getting cold.

My cell phone rang just as we were approaching the toll plaza. The fine employees of the State of Delaware had found Boscoe and he was safe and sound!

We were so grateful to get Boscoe back that we wrote to the governor of Delaware thanking him for the kindness of his employees. He was kind enough to write back. Here's his letter below.

States Boscoe Has Visited
North Carolina
South Carolina
New York
New Hampshire
New Jersey