The Dreaded “Click”

We have an unwritten rule around here.

If you open the dishwasher and discover that the dishes are clean then you are “it”. You have to put up the dishes.

The clear indication that you are “it” is that a small click is heard when you open the door as the soap dispenser resets.

So I’m happily waiting on my wife this morning. I served her coffee in bed, then I went off to blog and watch ESPN.

Around 8:15 I decided to make some cheese toast.

So I fire up the broiler, butter some bread, sprinkle some parmesan cheese on the bread and top it with American cheese.

I toss it in the broiler and do a quick cleanup.

As I open the dishwasher I heard it, the dreaded click.

I can’t fake it at this point; Gigi will know I walked away from the clean dishes.

Its not that I mind cleaning out the dishwasher. The problem is there is always something in the dishwasher that I can’t figure out where in the heck it goes. Usually it’s some plastic container.

The odd piece will get crammed in a drawer or shelf until discovered by Gigi. Then I can hear it, “Reggie, you know better than this. You are such a man. This doesn’t belong here”.