It sounded like bombs dropping. The storm moved up quickly and unexpectedly.

Gigi has just stepped out to feed and put up the horses for the evening.

Haley was down in the pasture herding the horses.

Then the bottom dropped out and rain came and came like a hurricane. It wouldn’t let up.

“I hope Gigi and Haley aren’t stuck at the barn”, I thought as I looked out of the kitchen window for her shoes. If I saw her muddy shoes on the porch of the guest house then I knew she had made it at least there safely.

No shoes in sight.

The barn is barely a shelter and a magnet for lightening with the electric fence.

So I grabbed my monster sized golf umbrella and headed to the barn. The road up there was already flooding.

I rounded the corner and found Gigi and Haley huddled together on a pallet trying to stay dry.

Gigi grabbed up Haley in her arms and we hastily returned back to the safety of the house.

In two days we have managed quite a damage report, one TV, one roof leak, two huge trees fallen on the fence, and the item keep adding.

I know the insurance company will hate us, but I can’t keep coughing up a thousand dollar for repairs every time a bad thunderstorm passes.